Chicago Men’s S7516925F Rink Skate, Black by Chicago Skates – The Review

By | February 14, 2016


How good it is an insurance be if you don’t have a healthy life? Exercise more with extreme sports such as Roller Skating is a great boost to your overall health. Roller skating is no longer a hobby but a sport. It is done both as a recreational activity and as a sport. It is believed that it was John Joseph Merlin who hailed from Belgium who used or rather invented roller skates. He wanted to skate smoothly while playing a violent. Things did not turn as expected for John who ended up falling and suffering from serious injuries. But that was actually the beginning for roller skates. From then on, many inventors tried their hand at their own versions of roller skates. Slowly, skating rinks came into being and skating started getting noticed. In fact, the Charlie Chaplin film The Rink released in 1916 made roller skating popular. Today, it is one of the most loved forms of sport especially in children.


Roller skates for boys are convenient and can be used for long

Many people love to have an active lifestyle and roller skating is an option.  There are several skate manufacturers which offer quality skates and Chicago Skates is one of them.  Chicago skates are different from others in that the company uses cutting edge styling methods and the newest technologies to make every skate.  Chicago skates have been in business over 100 years and it is still the leader for the quad roller skates in the industry.  Comfort, style and durability are some of the features that one can be assured of, with Chicago Skates, especially the Chicago Men’s S7516925F Rink Skate, Black by Chicago Skates.

Roller skates for boys

Roller skates are shoes which has wheels on its bottom which are used in skating. Skating though fun should be approached carefully. You should have a good balance and control on your movements. Children learn skating very soon. In fact, even a two-year-old can learn skating skills with some practice.

There are many types of roller skates available for boys, of these; the Chicago Men’s S7516925F Rink Skate, Black by Chicago Skates roller skates are the ones that are the most popular.

Product Description

For many, roller skating is a fun activity and done for pure fun and enjoyment.  There are several types of skates to choose from and the most common ones are the Indoor/Outdoor skates.  Keep in mind that any pair of skates can be used outdoors – only the wheels have to be different so that they can keep up with conditions.  Wheels for outdoor skates have to be slightly softer so that the ride is smooth.

The Chicago Men’s skates have the following features:

  • High tops
  • Full leather and lined inside
  • Lace up style
  • Adjustable toe stop
  • 60 mm maximum wheel size
  • Plate and frame made of aluminum
  • Semi precision bearings
  • Urethane wheels for Indoor/outdoor use

Greater sensitivity that is more controlled

If your rolling skates have good controlling features then it is best for you. When there are chances that you will fall if your skates have controlling feature it will save you from falling

Ultra light weight

Your skates should be less in weight so that it can help in easy movement of leg when you are rolling with the skates

Great comfort level

One of the important features is comfort. If your roller skating is comfortable then only one will enjoy the roller skating to the fullest

The size of spacers

These are those small parts of your skates which basically improves the performances of the skates. If they are too short or too big there are chances of damage in your bearing and can even block the roller skates wheel. So the spacer so be equal in your skates.


Buying a pair of skates

Skates should fit like tennis shoes – make sure that the boot is a ¼ to ½ inch larger than your regular shoe. When in doubt, buy a half or full size larger so that they are comfortable to wear and skate it.  Most often than not, skate sizes are usually cut larger – in a men’s size. Ladies should buy a size smaller so that they are the right fit. Some models are available in just 2 colors – black or white – and both of these are worn by men as well. Pay attention to the specs of a skate when you want to buy so that you can ensure that you are getting the pair you want.


These skates are sturdily made and durable.  The price for these shoes can range between #35 and $120. They are available in tall or short boot versions too – buy based on the look you like.  Lower end versions of the boot may be made with vinyl which could make them a bit stiff.  People who have skated before know the exact version they want and don’t mind spending a little extra to customize the shoes to their liking.


There aren’t too many problems with these skates – a few minor issues which can be fixed and worked with.

Benefits of buying Chicago skates

Regardless of age, skating is a fun activity and roller skates are a good choice. Quad skates provide a lot more stability compared to inline skates.  Roller skates have a brake on the front of the shoe making it easier for novice skaters.  Roller skating also offers a great aerobic workout – so why not spend time with family doing something fun? Roller skates are the best choice for young children as they get all the support they need



Chicago Men’s S7516925F Rink Skate, Black by Chicago Skates are just that, they can be adjusted to fit different sizes. They can be secured tight and thus it also offers safety to skaters. Since these skates can be adjusted to at least 4 sizes, parents do not have to bother buy a new skate every year. Also, these skates come with suitable adjustments and make which ensure safety, convenience and fun. They are made scientifically to ensure that along with the safety of the feet, they also keep the feet healthy by ensuring that the feet do not remain compressed or sweaty.

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