Roller Derby Boy’s Fun Roll Adjustable S7810963G Roller Skate by Roller Derby – The Review

By | February 14, 2016


In the world of roller skates, Roller Derby is a well-known name with a wide range of skating products. Whether you want recreational skates or for fitness, ice skates or derby skates, this is the brand to buy.  There is a perfect skate for everyone – boys, girls and even for adults.  There is something for every budget too. Don’t let other companies tell you that their products are the “Best Value”- you get value for money with Roller Derby. Whether you are skating just for fun or are very serious, there are skates for everyone. Roller Derby has the best designs and components for the skates they offer and performance always speaks for itself.

Product Description:

Weighing in at 5 lbs., the Roller Derby Boy’s Fun Roll Adjustable S7810963G Roller Skate by Roller Derby is ideal for young kids who are just starting out.  All the materials used in construction are manmade.  The shoe is made of molded materials which are rigid and keep the legs and ankles stable.  The buckles – one over the foot and the second at the calf are both adjustable.

The shoe is lined with comfortable padding, making it easy to wear the skates for an extended period. The wheels are made of high grade polyurethane and are quite indestructible.  The wheels are mounted to the shoe with grease sealed 608ZB bearings – all in all, this is a well-made shoe with rough use and kids in mind.

How to pick the right skates

How much you are willing to spend on skates will depend on a number of factors. Some questions to consider are:

  • How likely is it that I will try out for serious skating?
  • Am I going to do this just for fun and exercise alone?
  • What is my budget now?

There are skates to fit every budget and many styles too. There are tall boots and short boots to choose from. There are boots with and without padding and then there are the wheels.  Wheels are put on based on where the skates will be used. Most often than not, hybrid wheels are chosen so that the skates can be used indoors and out

Check for wheel ratings as they can make a difference.  Plates are made of different categories as well – based mostly on weight.  Many people choose to buy their favorite type of skate and then upgrade to suit their specific needs.

It is not enough to just look at skates and all the components.  Getting out there and skating can be dangerous without the requisite safety gear.  Some absolute must-have items are:

  • Helmets
  • Knee pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Wrist and mouth guards

It is really important to take care of your skates and protective gear.  Wash them often and use baking soda, antibacterial spray and grease to keep items looking and smelling fresh.

Features of adjustable roller skates

Some roller skates can be adjusted from 3 to 4 sizes. They come with three basic settings, the skates can be walked by locking one of the wheels, the wheel will roll on the forward side but will go backwards and the rear wheels are placed with some distance apart so that they can give more stability.

Quad-style roller skates with 4 wheels, with the above settings, can actually help in making skating easier. It is great for beginners as for the first days of learning, the wheels can be locked so that the beginners need not worry about falling or injuring themselves. After some days of practice, they can advance to the second stage or the second setting, wherein the wheels will only move forward and not backward, thus the skaters can begin their skating without having to worry about falling back. The final stage is for the freewheeling skating and skaters can move any direction they wish to as they get a grip of the movements and now they are on their track. The Roller Derby Boy’s Fun Roll Adjustable S7810963G Roller Skate by Roller Derby can be adjusted from 6 to size 12.

Also, these roller skates come in attractive designs and colors to make skating a fun and stylish experience. They come in stylish colors that boys will love such as blue, black, white and more. These also come with pads around the foot and the soles so that they are comfortable to wear and protect the feet as well. Since comfort is a key factor that facilitates skating, such adjustable roller skates make skating easier and more comfortable and fun.

Some adjustable roller skates also come with PVC wheels which help in smooth gliding and even have exceptional bearings to prevent slowness. This enhances the speed and ensures more fun.  With adjustable buckles, it is easier to fit the skates as well. They also fit well so that there is no danger of slipping. Thus such adjustable skates are suitable for children who have learnt to just skate.

Pros and Cons of using roller skates

Exercising with roller skates can keep you in good physical shape and help with overall fitness too.  Work out regularly and improve cardiovascular endurance with different skating routines.  It is possible to do strength training with skates too as well as abs exercises.

It is also easy to buy adjustable roller skates for boys as they tend to grow with your boys. The wheel size and the closure management is what you need to look for while buying roller skates.

They come in macho colors and designs which your boys will take an instant liking to. When they have stylish skates, they will enjoy skating more.

As far as the qualities of the adjustable roller skates are concerned, they come in different varieties and different prizes. Depending on the type of material used, the system and the design, the cost can vary.

Whatever design or make you buy for Roller Derby Boy’s Fun Roll Adjustable S7810963G Roller Skate by Roller Derby, when it comes to adjustable roller skates for boys, they are cost-efficient, give value for money, and protect your boys as well. These are truly multi-tasker skates! Checkout Pacer S7635214C and  Chicago Men’s S7516925F Rink Skate, Black by Chicago Skates review as well.

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