Pacer S7635214C Roller Skates w/ Pink Laces Mok Swee Lead Review

By | February 14, 2016

Buying and wearing a brand pair of skates makes for an awesome feeling – the smell of new leather and the anticipation of trying something new. A roller skate is a kind of shoes which contains tyres that are tied to our feet which help us to roll. It is fun while rolling on roller skates. Skating is most interesting sports and it’s also hobby for some people. The first roller skating was introduced on ice replacing the blade skating.  Though it is tough but it’s fun to try.

After trying the new skates out, anticipation builds for the next time, to learn and use the skates to get a great workout.  The biggest worry for most people is breaking in their skates, dealing with blisters and sore ankles.  It is really important to find the right pair of shoes and have an enjoyable skating experience.

Product Description:

Pacer S7635214C Roller Skates w/ Pink Laces series are best sellers and the most used across skating rinks in the US. Even though the style is traditional, the low cut speed skate is so well designed that it is perfect for speed skating. With a lot of color options, a matte finish and ABEC 3 bearings, the GTX skates are the best investment for beginners.

One of the reasons for the Pacer S7635214C’s popularity is that they are well made and offered at a very reasonable price.  There are few other skates on the market which match the Pacer for quality and price.  Perfect for amateurs or experienced skaters, the Pacer lets everyone perform well and enjoy themselves.  The skates are very durable and the best deal ever for buyers.  So, if you want to own your first pair of skates, then this is the one to invest in.

Pacer S7635214C skates are available in just a couple of colors – white and black. Customize your shoes by getting your initials or wear them as is.  The shoes are low cut and available with Velcro straps or as lace ups.  The Velcro power straps are really helpful in keeping the heel flat and pressed down into the skate. This helps to avoid cuts, blisters and chafed skin.  A padded collar keeps the ankles stable and the lining makes it comfortable for a nicer ride.  Nylon plates, solid wheels with mag hubs, fixed toe stops and ABEC 3 skate bearings make this a great pair for all round and long term use.

What to buy:

There are two types of skates available for beginner skaters who are young children. In fact, there are two types of skate’s inline blades, quad rollers. Quad roller is easy and smooth where as on inline blade one can do various tricks and it’s cooler than any other skates

Quad skates like the Pacer GTZ or inline skates.  Buying the conventional skates is usually recommended for children for a couple of reasons – 4 wheels provide more balance and a sense of stability.  These skates also help a child’s bones and joints – children don’t have very strong legs and ankles.

Choose the right roller skates

Roller skating has given a com back in the recent years. Craze for roller skating has increase in the children of all age. It not just passing your time on roller skates but one enjoys on it. While choosing a right skates for your children many things have to be kept in mind as a parent. Safety is important while rolling on the wheels one can break his /her leg or hand when fallen down by the roller skates. With the new companies and brands coming up with different kinds of roller skates it’s becoming easier to choose best roller skates for your children. Buy the perfectly fitting roller skates for your kids if it’s little bigger in size your kid may lose control over it and fall down.

Finding the right size is important too – buy a slightly larger size so they can grow into the skates and also use them for a longer period.  It is not a good idea to buy skates more than one size larger than the normal size as it can cause blisters.  Make sure to lace up the shoes well and have extra padding with socks.  Skating should be a fun activity, so why not start young. Learning a new sport will help children build confidence and learn motor skills too.


Pacer S7635214C Roller Skates w/ Pink Laces are well made and priced reasonably which makes them really popular with skaters of all ages, young and old alike.  When ordering online, women should buy one size smaller as these are sized generously.  These skates can be used indoors or out, providing hours of enjoyment, year round. Most buyers love their shoes so much that they spend a lot of time learning to do new tricks.


The lining is not enough and can cause blisters and cuts in feet.  Wearing thicker socks helps to keep the skin around the ankles from chafing and blistering.

Health benefits of roller skating

There are few health benefits too. While rolling on skates it gives us the aerobic workout which is very healthy for our body.  The time you spend on roller skates is equal to the time you put on jogging and doing exercise. And many body problems such as reduction of body fats, caloric consumptions and many more.  It also changes the mood of a person. For some people it’s kind of practicing workout at home itself. Even if your walk on your roller skates for 10mins you will feel the energy is released.


Mok Swee Lead Review, Nowadays roller skating is become new trend among children. They pass their time by rolling on the skate here and there along with their friends. They even keep racing and arrange small competition among each other for fun. These shoes are a great buy regardless of the user’s age.  Many people buy these skates for their children and themselves to enjoy an active lifestyle.  At under $100 for a pair, these skates are a real bargain and easy to use.  The lace and Velcro combination helps to keep the ankle stable.  Beginners should use elbow and knee pads to minimize injuries and scrapes. Finding the Pacer S7635214C Roller Skates w/ Pink Laces is quite easy – buy them online or at sporting goods stores. Or if you looking for alternative here.

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