Heelys Propel S7122444I Skate Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid) – Mok Swee Meng Review

By | February 14, 2016


Children love roller skating. Once we buy them they literally never leave their skating shoe. Many a times they fall but with every fall they learn how to skate and balance on the skating. For most of them it’s just as time passing and for few it’s a sport, they even like to race and try different stunts on the skate. Children roll on roller skates here and there. Practice makes them perfect.

It is believed as a sport. There are many competitions held for roller skating. International Olympic committee also includes roller skating and inline skating as a sport. Riding on the wheel and balancing on it is called as roller skating. And it is recognized as interesting sport. People even try different position to roll on roller skating

Roller skates are very popular among children and youngsters. So, the shoes have to be exclusive too. Heelys Propel S7122444I Skate Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid) are all the rage with young kids.  These one of a kind, lightweight and powerful shoes offer a fun way to get around.  With a wheel stealthily housed in the heel of the shoe, young kids can do all kinds of fun stuff and develop new skills.  They can walk or run or roll along whenever they feel like it.  Take the wheel of and transform the shoes into a fashionable pair of regular, walking shoes.

Do they really work?

If you ever go to the mall, you can see kids rolling by on their Heelys. If you wonder how they do it without getting hurt, you are not alone.  All a user has to do is pick up their toes and start gliding on the wheel housed in the ell of the shoe.  An innovative man, Roger Adams was the one to come up with this invention – the Heely.  These shoes became a big hit with kids of all ages.

Product Description:

It is now possible for kids everywhere to roll out in style – get the new Propel S7122444I Heely shoes. The shoe upper is made entirely with manmade materials – a synthetic nubuck with a lace up type closure. Laces offer a secure fit over a padded tongue. The shoe also has a collar around the ankle for good ankle support and superior cushioning.  There is enough room on the sides for a logo too. The soles are made of durable rubber so that the shoes remain flexible.  There is a break pad which is abrasion resistant and the wheels are made with ABEC 5 bearings for a precise and smooth ride.


These shoes were all the rage just a few years ago and it is still considered a form of skating. Heelys are available in many different styles and features too. Some have 2 wheels and most have just one.  The more features a shoe has, the more it will cost. A basic style with the regular features will cost up to $60 and more for shoes with 2 wheels and extra features.  The shoes are quite light and weigh in at 1 lb.

What to expect:

If a kid is used to rollerblading, skating or skateboarding, then it will be easy to learn to use Heelys.  The chances of falling down are quite high as it takes some getting used to having wheels in the shoes.  The learning curve for some kids is pretty steep.  Many kids find that Heelys are a good way to do some fun things while they play with their friends or run errands for their parents.  Even a trip to the grocery store can be fun when one can go skating down aisles.

Doing tricks:

Just like everything else, tricks can be mastered with practice.  There are quite a few things to do with Heelys. Use them like you would a skateboard or roller blades.  Going to a skate park is also a good idea.  It is good to have multiple options to use these fun shoes.  One thing to keep in mind is not to wear these to school. Checking school policies is a good idea – there is no need to get in trouble.

Avoiding Injuries:

Just like anything else, the chances of injuries are ever present.  Wearing elbow and knee pads for the first few days will help protect kids from getting hurt.  Better safe than sorry – helmets are a must every time one gets out of the house on your Heelys Propel S7122444I Skate Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid).  Even though it is not hard to stop while wearing Heelys, it takes time and a lot of practice to master the art of getting around on these shoes.  All one has to do is press back with the heel so that the back of the shoe comes into contact with the ground.  Some people could have trouble standing up straight while trying to brake.

Final Review: 

Different brands and companies have different features in their rolling skates.

Good roller skate features

A rolling skate should have some good features to be used by everyone – that’s where the Heelys Propel S7122444I Skate Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid) excels. Moving on surface with the roller skates on is called as roller skating. It isa form of transportation for few and for some it is purely sports and fun. There are different types of roller skates such as quad roller skates, inline roller skates and tri cycle roller skates. To have a good roller skate it should have at least some qualities or features.

Features Of Heelys Roller Skates –  Mok Swee Meng Review: Heelys are very original shoes and the design is a patented one.  There are quite a few knock offs on the market which will look quite like the original. One way to figure out the authenticity of the shoes is to check the price. Always buy the authentic product from a sporting goods store or a reputable online retailer.  You will be able to get good customer service and return them in case of problems. Heelys are a fun way to spend time – get your parents to buy you these shoes and practice a lot. Checkout Our other reviews on Roller Skates.

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