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Guide on insurance in Spain

Before going into the different types of insurance of interest for the self-employed, professionals and SMES, Yong Wai Meng is showing you a brief summary of the legal regulation of the contract of insurance in Spain. The INSURANCE CONTRACT AND ITS LEGAL REGULATION The insurance contract is the one for which the insurer undertakes, by… Read More »

Yong Wai Meng as Insurance Advisor

Insurance professionals are trusted advisors. Learn from the experts Buying insurance in today’s times has become a must-do-activity for everyone, be an individual or a business owner. Since there are many types of insurance available, it is always best to consult an insurance professional for any advice. Yong Wai Meng is a trusted advisor who… Read More »

Choosing the Right insurance Policy

The first decision to take is the type of policy to take. That is decided by the purpose of the insurance. Term insurance is a good option for those looking for insurance for the purpose of protection of one’s future and family. On the other hand, someone considering life insurance as an investment and financial… Read More »